How to Easily Bypass Google Drive Download Limits

Cara Bypass Limit Unduhan Google Drive dengan Gampang

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that is available for free. Among other services, Google Drive is quite popular and widely used for sharing files online. One of the common problems when downloading files from Google Drive is the download limit exceeding the storage quota.

If this happens, the file can’t be downloaded and you’ll get a warning like “google drive quota exceeded”, “user drive storage quota exceeded” or “sorry, you can’t view or download this file right now”. If the site that provides the file you want to download has only one link from Google Drive, then this will be a problem.

Cara Bypass Limit Unduhan Google Drive

Sign in to your Google Drive account

The first step you need to do is log in using your Google Drive account. Skip this step if the browser you are using is Google Chrome and you are signed in with a Gmail account. If not, please login to your Google Drive account first.

Open the Google Drive File Link Affected by the Download Limit

After logging into your Goggle Drive account, then open the file link that has reached the download limit. The files can be in different formats, they can be videos, pdf, doc and excel, archives or photos. To do this one trick, the file must be displayed on the preview page. All files except Docs and Sheets files will appear on the preview page immediately.

So these two files have slightly different tricks for you to do. Now we have to focus on some files like photos, videos, zip, software and other file formats which are shown on the preview page. The file will immediately take you to the preview page.

Mark Files Using Star Option

On the preview page, notice the three dot button in the top right corner. Click the button then select Add star. This step aims to put the file in the Starred folder on our Google Drive. The idea to bypass it is that you have to download it through your own account. As previously explained, the limitations apply to file sharing accounts only. So you can continue to download files according to the limit from the Google Drive account that you previously had.

Sign in to your Google Drive

Huka Google Drive account page. You simply click on the Google menu in the upper right corner.

Select Starred Folder

On the main Google Drive storage page, you have to pay close attention to the menu on the left panel. There is a folder with a star icon called Starred. Click on folders.

Create a shortcut in the File You Want to Download

Once logged in, you’ll see a file you want to download but will crash when it reaches its limit. All starred files will be collected in this folder. Next you also need to create a shortcut so that files can be downloaded from your Google Drive account. You can do this by right-clicking the file > selecting Add a Shortcut to the Drive > selecting the My Drive menu > after that you must select the desired folder or create a new folder.

Download Files to Computer

You must go to the folder where you put the shortcut that was created earlier. Then you have to right click on Files > select Downloads. Then the download will start immediately.

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